They say the best inventions were stemmed from necessity, well I had a need to regain my outdoor living space from loud, aggressive and ever increasing numbers of crows.   They enjoyed nesting in the large trees located on my property and soon they were sitting in the treetops surrounding me, screaming and diving at me while I was gardening.   As gardening was obviously out, I did some research.....

It became clear that I was not alone in my frustrations; however, there didn't seem to be a reasonable solution.       The solution commonly used was not realistic.... it was actually INHUMANE and in most areas ILLEGAL.   Based on old traditions, if you kill one and   hang   it up, the others will stay away..... PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS PEOPLE!!!!   Determined to regain my backyard I created the perfect alternative....

Being a crafty sewer I found the perfect materials and made a stuffed Crow look-a-like in a shape that when displayed correctly (either hung upside down or laid flat on the ground) it looked like a dead Crow.   I hung it up by my garden and it was soon apparent they recognized it.

During my research on Crows, I found that they are very intelligent and will mourn their own dead.   The Crows in my back yard soon called out a warning which attracted others, they circled the area some landed for a little while then left.   Within about 10 minutes of placing the decoy the Crows had all left.  

Based on my testing RESULTS WILL VARY..... please refer to the PROS & CONS page to get the facts on these decoys.

The Crows no longer nest in my trees and rarely come close to the decoys.   They do continue to come around when in pursuit of the Owl that frequents my property during the fall and winter months but they quickly leave when I let my presence known (and the owl stays, enjoying the silence).

I hope that my decoys can also help you regain your outdoor enjoyment.